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Education IT Services

Navigate your education to next level through our leading-edge education and training application and emerging technology solutions. Offer the best solutions for school, colleges and all the universities.


Educational App Development Company

Technology can improve teaching and learning and help our student to become successful. Since learning should not end with the end of schools, with technology student can access multiple websites, solve the complex assignments and get virtual knowledge. They get practical knowledge with the help of technology, enhance their skills that help in their successful future.

Acropolis understand the importance of education create resources, new opportunities for learning, ways to collaborate and create, and save money. Our e-learning solution transform the whole education society. Our e-books, onlinelabs, virtuallabs give students excellent educational experiences. We connect student with various schools and provide virtual seminars and conferences to them.

At acropolis we assist the education institutes gain competitive advantage from our e-learning solutions and completely focus on innovation and growth of children. Our ecosystem harnesses artificial intelligence, automation, cloud, machine learning, and mobile technologies for K-12 and higher education. Our technology leverage range from business to enterprise application level and we innovate and create a new platforms.

Education Services

Virtual Classroom

We build a virtual learning environment that is totally distinguish from typical classroom. Our online classrooms give learners greater freedom to engage with the material creativelyand for the course content to adapt and respond based on their inputs. Our classrooms offer live lesson, incorporating live learning into lesson plan, motivate learners and boost children motivation in terms of skills.

Technology Solutions




Education AR & VR & Virtual Reality


Artificial Intelligence and Machiene Learning


Big Data Analysis

Education solutions

Technology Solutions

M- Learning

E-product that make the studies easier,designed to give the ultimate innovative and advanced option for the students, increase their potential ,help in real time problem solving reduce the complexities of the questions. Designed specially for their support and help.,

Educational AR & VR

App designed as a real world example provide the holistic view to the children help in mastering their topics and the computer graphics help them to master with the help of 3 d visualizations

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Designed specially for the students to understand the weaker part designed according to the capabilities and requirements of the students.

Big Data Analytics

Provide them the actionable insights of the data and trends that help them to learn in an effective manner.,

Acropolis Insights

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