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Healthcare IT Services

Get an inside perceptive of your healthcare with our specialized, development, consulting and technical solutions for healthcare industry.


Healthcare Industries Solutions

We help in growing leaps and bounds with our innovative technology in healthcare sector, We provide scalable, interpretable solution with our knowledge and experience. We fill the gaps in the sector with our innovative high technologies services and product with our effective inventory management and we build effective assets, create an information pathway. Our technology transforms all medical loop wholes and categories patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patient practitioners and build mission critical solution for to innovate the medical future.

Our IT Company follows incremental and iterative work flow. We simplifies the medical complexities and caregivers you what is important. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we work across the value chain and care delivery, and distribution and pharmacy benefit management.

Our technology like Iot, machine learning, big data and data analytics help in health care sector and gain new efficiencies, boost treatment level and patients satisfaction. We are the world’s leading healthcare payers, providers and public health entities choose Acropolis for a wide range of end-to-end services that help them to become the intelligent healthcare of future. .

Custom Healthcare Management
Software Solutions

Patient Portal

Apps build on mobile are very powerful that hold the data and information of the patients and tackle the most significant challenges and help in real time navigation and functionality. We use location analytics that help hospital and the comprehensive management tools help in monitoring of patients and resources.


It is always difficult to manage schedules so our innovative solutions help the patients to manage their records and meeting to avoid any curios and the app are designed that help maintain a checklist and receive alert.

Medical Billing

It is always tedious and difficult to write everything and make bill, our lavish technology help in reducing this lengthy process. Our technology help to add information and the automatic bill will be generated that contain all the information.


The e-prescribing help in online consultancy in different pharmacy and help the patients to buy all medicines online after consultation and help in comparing the price and discounts.

Mobile Application for Personal Health Tracking

Integrated third part app system for online billing and the video app features. The best specialized app that automatically checks your health status and help to locate the nearest hospitals and medicines faculty.

Video Consultation

In remote areas where there is difficult for them to find hospitals and doctors , since the avaiblity of doctors are only for very short period of time so our video consultation help them to directly connect with the medical staff. Implementing the innovative digital health strategies that provide solutions in managing the staffs, doctor’s nurses and keeping health consumers at core with insights, technologies and programs.

Hospital Management Software

Hostpital management software development


Manage equipments and monitor and asset tracking which faculty is using it.

Electronic health management application


Our health management compare the records of the patients with the previous records and then provide them the better understanding about their current position. It generate the final report after analysis of previous reports.

Integration with 3rd Party API/Software

  • Healthcare app integration with 3rd patry software
  • CRM
  • Healthcare api integration services
  • Payment Gateway
  • Healthcare
  • Encrypted chat tool integration

Solutions for
Healthcare Providers

Medical record software development

Electronic Medical
Records Management

Manage equipments and monitor and asset tracking which faculty is using it.

Medical record software development

Electronic Record Management

Provide health information and comprehensive management for digital records.

Technology Solutions




AR-VR Reality


Big Data


Predictive ML Analysis

Healthcare solution

Technology Solutions


Chatbots are integrated with the various application it is used to connect with the various databases to find the predictive information about the diseases and the two way communication between the user and the applications.


ARV provide the facility to customers to visualize the whole process before going to the treatment .It help in visualization of the whole process that is going to take place in their videos , these are videos treatment that provide the better understanding to the customers. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps designed for medical studies help them to understand functions and features in a traditional way.


High customers record and detailed analysis after record studies help them to get the better understanding ,past reports with the possible solutions out of it, processing that allow relevant information from it and predictions specific to the input.


Analysis that help in jumpstart of the disease and hospital chain and the to solve some of the most-discussed topics in healthcare analytics. Well studied discipline to this It industry.

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